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Shale oil and gas extraction industries consumes about 90% of guar gum produced.  Harlan International provides high end guar gum and proprietary guar gum products to the Oil & Gas Industry. Above all Harlan International specialize in high performance Guar Gums and components that have a minimum viscosities over 7000 centipoise.  You can find more Guar Gum descriptions and Technical Specifications can be found in the “Guar Gum” section.

As a result of our strict adherence to the highest Quality control our Additional offerings include a revolutionary method for placing specialized chemistries in the formation with the fracking fluid. Now, issues such as hydrogen sulfide, scale and asphaltene & paraffin can be addressed and treated on a continuous basis when the fracking of the well occurs. Read more about these technologies under the “Other Products” section.

Harlan International supplies Guar Gums world wide to oil industry with on time delivery and the best practices for all chemistry and weights.

Guar Gum, also known as guaran, is the key to the oil industry and fracking.

“Fracturing fluids normally consist of many additives that serve two main purposes, firstly to enhance fracture creation and proppant carrying capability and secondly to minimize formation damage. Viscosifiers, such as polymers and crosslinking agents, temperature stabilizers, pH control agents, and fluid loss control materials are among the additives that assist fracture creation. Formation damage is minimized by incorporating breakers, biocides, and surfactants. More appropriate gelling agents are linear polysaccharides, such as guar gum, cellulose, and their derivatives. ” Wikipedia


NEW: See “Guar” page for CMHPG and Xantham alternatives
NEW: Harlan now offers specialty blended FHG and CMHPG options. These blended products offer better viscosity values, better propant loading and better breakdown characteristics all at a significant better price point.
Contact your us or your local representative for more details.

Guar Gums and Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Guar gums are preferred as thickeners for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Guar gum and its derivatives account for most of the gelled fracturing fluids. Guar is more water-soluble than other gums, and it is also a better emulsifier, because it has more galactose branch points. Guar gum shows high low-shear viscosity, but it is strongly shear-thinning. Being non-ionic, it is not affected by ionic strength or pH but will degrade at low pH at moderate temperature (pH 3 at 50 °C).

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